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Oct 21, 2015

Disaggregated data shows diversity of challenges faced by Asian Americans and highlights political power of growing demographic

Asian Americans Advancing Justice recently released its latest A Community of Contrasts demographic report on Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders in the Western United States, including Arizona, Hawai’i, Oregon, and the Las Vegas and Seattle metropolitan areas.

Oct 07, 2015

Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles commemorates the legendary and revolutionary activist, Grace Lee Boggs. She passed away on the morning of Monday, October 5, 2015. The daughter of Chinese immigrants, Boggs one of the most notable Asian American figures in radical politics and cross-community activism.

Oct 07, 2015

California takes monumental step toward fair policing with first-ever bill to collect, analyze, and make public data on all police stops

Oct 07, 2015

2016 may be a watershed year for Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) political empowerment: AAPI voters are poised to make a significant impact next year, with our rapidly growing numbers and influence in a politically polarized nation that faces increasingly tight elections.

Sep 28, 2015

By Stewart Kwoh and Chris Punongbayan

At this pivotal moment in our nation’s ongoing struggle with racism, California can and should lead the nation in fair policing. Instead, our state shamefully leads the country in officer-involved killings, with over 120 deaths so far this year. Behind this number are the countless communities affected and families left shattered.

Sep 23, 2015

State-level report reveals great disparities in access and success across the AANHPI spectrum

Sep 23, 2015

August 10th marked the 15th anniversary of Joseph Iletos death.  Joseph Ileto was a Filipino American postal worker who was shot and killed by a white supremacist, shortly after shooting five other people at a Jewish community center in Los Angeles.  Advancing Justice - LA, then the Asian Pacific American Legal Center, along with many Filipino community groups, assisted the Ileto family with emotional,

Sep 17, 2015

By Meeran Mahmud, Staff Attorney, Citizenship Project

Sep 17, 2015

By Gloria Ho, Citizenship Network Manager

Each year on September 17, our nation celebrates Citizenship Day (also known as the Constitution Day) to commemorate the signing of the United States Constitution on September 17, 1787. The Constitution upholds individual civil rights and its 14th Amendment recognizes all who, are born in the U.S., or by naturalization, have become citizens.


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