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Dec 06, 2016

"Through volunteering with Advancing Justice-LA, I have not only been able to work directly with underserved community members, but I have also made wonderful connections with the advocates and attorneys on staff." 

Dec 05, 2016

On November 30, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral argument in Jennings v, Rodriguez, a case that could dramatically affect the new administration’s plans to deport millions of immigrants. President-elect Donald Trump has promised to detain immigrants facing removal while courts hear their cases. The threat of prolonged detention is punitive and harms immigrant families and communities with large immigrant populations.

Nov 22, 2016

We need your help. In the two weeks since the election, Advancing Justice-LA’s work has grown exponentially. Please donate to support us in protecting and giving hope to our community, and if you do so between now and December 31, 2016, your donation will be matched up to $250,000.

Nov 09, 2016

We are awash today in grief and pain, but as a new day unfolds, we are recommitting ourselves to the mission and values that drove our founding 33 years ago.  In 1983, in the wake of the hate crime killing of Vincent Chin in Detroit, the Asian Pacific American Legal Center set forth to give voice to the voiceless, to defend those at the margins, and to lift up the struggles of Asian Americans as well as all immigrants and people of color.  The past three decades have not been easy, and the next four years will not be either.  

Nov 03, 2016

Advancing Justice-LA Voting Rights Project Director, Deanna Kitamura, giving an introduction to a room of over 50 poll monitors in training. 

Nov 02, 2016
The bilingual forum, filled with participants, is led by Advancing Justice-LA's Kimberly Wu, Youth and Parent Engagement Manager. 
Nov 02, 2016

Ashuka Xue joined Asian Americans Advancing Justice -LA (Advancing Justice-LA) Health Access Project (HAP) in the summer of 2014. As an engineering student with over 500 hours of high school community service under her belt, Ashuka’s application, background, and effervescent personality helped her stand out as a candidate.

Nov 02, 2016

Gloria Ho (far left), Citizenship Network Manager at Advancing Justice-LA, posing with her award alongside other awardees.  


For Legal Help

Advancing Justice - LA’s hotlines prioritize assistance to low-income persons in the following areas of law: family, immigration, consumer, public benefits, employment, housing, and civil rights.

English: 888.349.9695
需要協助嗎: 800.520.2356
हिंदी 855.971.2552


도움이 필요하십니까?: 800.867.3640
Tagalog: 855.300.2552
ต้องการความช่วยเหลือ: 800.914.9583
Cần sự giúp đỡ: 800.267.7395


Our mission is to advocate for civil rights, provide legal services and education, and build coalitions to positively influence and impact Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders and to create a more equitable and harmonious society.