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Politico: Ralph Nader declares war on Harvard

May 19 2016

At 82, Ralph Nader is still doing two things he’s got some experience at: running for office and making liberals hopping mad.

This time, he’s not seeking the presidency, but a post that could help shape the nation’s elite: a seat on Harvard University’s board of overseers.

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NBC News: Complaint Filed Against Yale, Dartmouth, and Brown Alleging Discrimination

May 23 2016

The complaint, drafted by the Asian American Coalition for Education, accuses the three Ivy League schools of denying admission to Asian-American students with near-perfect SAT scores and GPAs in the top one percent while accepting applicants of other races with similar accolades. The groups also allege that racial quotas and caps are used to maintain "ideal racial balances" that have kept the percentage of Asian-American students at these schools unchanged over the last two decades.

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Advancing Justice Opposes Efforts to Dismantle Race-Conscious Admissions Policies at Ivy League Schools

LOS ANGELES – In response to news reports that administrative complaints are being filed today seeking to dismantle race-conscious admissions policies at Brown University, Dartmouth College, and Yale University, Asian Americans Advancing Justice (Advancing Justice) issues the following statement:

The Department Of Education Wants States To Dispel The Model Minority Myth With Better Data

May 4 2016

Asian students often face major barriers to a good quality of education. But the so-called “model minority myth,” which assumes Asian students always excel academically, can prevent them from getting the attention and support they need.

Asian American Pacific Islander students are a very diverse group — including Chinese, Laotian, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Hmong, Guamanian, Chamorro, and Samoan Americans, to name a few — but they are all placed under the umbrella of “Asian,” making it difficult to see how different groups’ graduation rates and academic performance differ.

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