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Escaping Domestic Violence

Yin* is a 50-year old Asian immigrant who resides in Los Angeles County. During her 25-year marriage, Yin’s husband was extremely abusive, including threatening to kill her while chasing her with a large kitchen knife, throwing large objects such as a tricycle and a suitcase at her, and slamming her head into the kitchen sink. More recently, Yin’s husband repeatedly threatened to kill her, telling her how he wanted her to die a slow, painful death through poisoning.  One day, Yin’s husband added bleach to her Chinese medicine, but fortunately, she noticed in time and didn’t take the medication. He  later admitted that he had tried to poison her.  Yin sought help from APALC at a legal clinic in Los Angeles’ Chinatown. It took APALC just two days to help Yin obtain a temporary restraining order (TRO), which immediately ordered her husband to move out of their home and to physically stay away from her. The TRO was crucial for Yin because she and her husband were living in government-subsidized housing, and without the TRO compelling her husband to move, she would have been forced to move out as well. APALC later assisted Yin in obtaining a five-year restraining order against her husband.  They have also represented Yin in divorcing her husband, which recently finalized.  Yin can now finally be free of her abusive husband once and for all. 

When asked about the impact of APALC’s help on her life, Yin said: “Attorney Woo and APALC's help allowed me to feel safe again living in America. I want to let all victims of domestic violence know, that they need not endure the abuse, they need not be scared, and they need not return home to the abuser. They should seek legal help.”

*Client’s name changed to preserve confidentiality


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